Illuminated Doorbell Chime System™

PROBLEM: I saw a review today wherein an experienced contractor stated that he could not get the LEDs on his Teiber/Craftmade illuminated chime to light up, no matter what he tried. CLUE #1: He also stated that he had the exact same problem with two more of the same identical Teiber/Craftmade LED lighted chime units . CLUE #2: However, he did note that the chime bells rang perfectly well on all three of the chime units that he tried. SOLUTION: What he failed to notice is that the directions specifically call for an "illuminated" pushbutton of some sort (or a 390 ohm, 2-watt jumper resistor across any non-illuminated pushbutton) to be installed on the front door position to provide the necessary circuit power to run the chime's 24/7 LEDs. However, he was nice enough though to state that the chime boxes were well made and really did look good!

LED DoorBELL Chimes & LED Touch DOORBELL buttons